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From form building tools to payment gateways, we build great products that extend and expand the functionality of iMIS

Since 1994 we've helped non-profits grow revenue, reduce expenses, and improve performance through best practices, ongoing client advice, and proven solutions.

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WebFormZ makes it easy to create online forms and form processes in iMIS



Integrate fundraising and giving into your iMIS website with our JustGiving bridge



We are a specialist in payment gateway options for iMIS users

We can also help with integrating other services that further extend the functionality of iMIS.

We can provide Single Sign On solutions between iMIS and other web applications. We provide solutions to allow payments in multiple currencies in iMIS and can integrate Postcode Plus quickly into any iMIS site for rapid address entry, address verification and more.

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Single Sign On

We can make integrating Single Sign On into your applications easier with SAML


Forex Payments

Enable your customers to select the currency of their choice when making payments into iMIS


AFD Postcode Plus

We can integrate AFD Postcode Plus into any iMIS website for rapid address lookup and more