Just Giving Bridge for iMIS Just Giving Bridge and Donation Importer for iMIS


Price: £35 per admin user per month (min 2 users)

This module is priced on a subscription model. You may have 20 iMIS staff users but you only need to purchase usage of this module for the staff users who will be actually processing with it. Please supply names of users with order. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Summary of Module

Just giving is one of the most widely used giving/donation platforms used by fund raisers.  Donors have pages that facilitate giving on the just giving platform and raise money for projects. 

The iFINITY just giving bridge can be deployed easily for users of iMIS to retrieve the donations from the just giving platform and match them to donors and giving distributions in iMIS. 

The Process

  • From a page in iMIS the user downloads (on a weekly basis) the latest batch of settled payments from Just Giving using the JustGiving API
  • These payments are matched against fundraisers in the iMIS database based on their fundraiser page ID and fundraiser ID matching iMIS distribution codes
  • Any unmatched donations are shown, and the operator is able to set up or amend distributions to re-match the payments
  • Once all payments have been matched, the batch can be imported
  • New donor records can be created on iMIS based on whether the gift includes donor information and consent, and the gift is then allocated to the donor record
  • If no consent or details are given the gift can be allocated to the fundraiser record or to a specified anonymous account

The configuration allows for the user to set:

  • The JustGiving API details relevant to their organisation
  • The member type and address purpose of any new donor records created as part of the import
  • The cash account to credit the donations to
  • The default anonymous contact ID

Screenshot of Gustgiving

Screenshot of Gustgiving

Deployment of Module

You should allow between 5 and 8 hours of paid consulting time to deploy this module within any given iMIS system.

Customisation Potential

If you have a specific need in terms of the way your donations are processed into iMIS then we do have a fair amount of potential to alter the base line process to meet your specific needs. This can still be done without compromising upgradeability and will usually be achieved by editing the supplied stored procedures.


The bridge makes use of the Just Giving API to retrieve donations over the internet from the just giving database. This avoids the need for manual intervention and ensures that the hard work of grabbing the donations and processing them is for the most part done automatically though matching and exception handling.  API Just giving


This deployment requires a Lite License for WebFormZ(+) and this is included in the monthly per user fee. This special license is ONLY for use for the Just Giving module purpose and for no other purpose. No form building rights are included with the special license and no support is provided beyond the scope of the Just giving implementation.

Other giving platforms

The module provides specific support for the just giving platform at present but has been created to be modular and to allow other platforms to be added at some future time. We will announce these as and when they are available.

Availability of module

This module is available now from iFINITY plc helpdesk@ifinity.co.uk