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WebformZ is the leading form process building tool for iMIS20


As well as delivering inspired iMIS systems, great not for profit web sites and professional support we do have another string to our bow. We are a developer of some of the very best iMIS enhancements and add-on products in the world and they are used by dozens of iMIS users for some truly business critical needs and have won several awards.

WebFormZ works with iMIS 20-300 and installs as a part of the iMIS staff web site and looks every bit as if it was created by ASI and has always been there.

Build any type of form

It provides the ability for non-technical users to quickly deploying forms and underlying form processes directly from within iMIS for -

  • Joining
  • Renewal
  • Award nominations
  • Grade changes
  • General enquiries
  • Scholarships
  • Grants and
  • Abstract uploading

All the features are there and the creation of unique submission records makes it highly auditable.

Technical users can use their iMIS skills in IQA, Stored Procedures, Workflow and other aspects of iMIS to tie iMIS and WebFormZ in such a way as to provide unique power.

WebFormZ editions and versions

There are two WebFormZ versions and an exciting new version for users of the latest iMIS:


This is the entry level WebFormZ and contains the tools to build form systems for your staff and for your public users (deploying great forms within RiSE).

Advanced supports dues processing and so can be used for joining and also supports anonymous forms and so can be used for account creation and interest gathering.


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This is for users who are "power" users and need more from their tools.

We include support for all types of iMIS ecommerce, we provide a very powerful review processing system for staff and third parties to review and mark and approve submissions and we provide a PDF builder that can turn submissions into PDF's and email them to the applicant.

Enterprise includes ALL of our WebFormZ modules and support for advanced reviews, gifts, orders, events, committees, relationships, PDF creation and the powerful Execute SQL Action.

If you are already on Advanced and need a little more then we recommend the Enterprise license.


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If you are using iMIS 20-300 in any version from 20.2 Q4 onwards you will have the option of deploying our new WebFormZ + product (this comes in both Advanced and Enterprise according to your current license)

WebFormZ + adds new features that include dynamic rule processing with no page update (via AJAX) and forms that work in a responsive way to create new form options for mobile and tablets. WebFormZ + will receive new styling options to match the ASI current styles.

Future versions of WebFormZ + will be enhanced for iMIS Cloud support and integration with standard iMIS and cloud features over time. If you are a WebFormZ user and are interested in using WebFormZ + please ensure that you are on the latest (or at the least Q4) iMIS release prior to upgrading.


More information on WebFormZ +

WebFormZ is available from iFINITY directly or via your local reseller or consultant. Ask for WebFormZ by name and accept no substitutes.