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Current Version - 3538(10/12/2018)

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Package1 Supports from 20.2.1.xxxx –

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Package2 Supports from -

Download Package 3
Package3 Supports from 20.2.65.xxxx - iMIS2017 service pack O

"As you know ASI have been releasing packages increasingly quicker than normal and we have been working extremely hard to map any changes that affects WebFormZ and provide fixes.

The most significant change that has occurred which includes SOA to had huge amounts of work done on payments to deal with the large amount of change in underlying iMIS. This latest package now includes the fix for the payments using Register Subscription and Register Events in WebFormZ"



Our future or current releases required 2 runtime dependencies (SQL, Crystal) you would need to copy those files based on OS version 64 or 32 bit

Please make sure to download


  • Responsive multi instance table Drop Down
  • Removal of scroll bar on questions with longer text
  • File Upload View and Remove alignment
  • Calendar colour reformat on buttons on responsive forms
  • Drop down arrow missing in Drop Down questions when form is Responsive


  • PDF attachment is not working in export status changes action
  • Data format settings is not working in MI
  • Calendar control style issue fixed
  • Enable Submit rule throws error
  • File mandatory is not working in responsive forms
  • Page unavailable issue in staff site after submitting the form
  • Ensure payment before Submit button click in Paypal Express checkout.
  • Configurations file connection string protection enabled in install process
  • Card number validation based on selected Card type