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Current Version - 3513 (06/12/2017)

Package 1 will be available on request
Supports from 15.2.xx –

Download Package 2
Supports iMIS version below

Download Package 3
Supports iMIS version from -



Our future or current releases required 2 runtime dependencies (SQL, Crystal) you would need to copy those files based on OS version 64 or 32 bit

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  • WFZ-200 Text Field values are vanished when executing question rule
  • WFZ-201 DisplayWithInTemplate is not working for new Forms
  • WFZ-202 Read contact filter is not working while using Custom Business Objects
  • WFZ-203 IQA with GUID value column is not working
  • WFZ-205 IQA filter is not working for CheckboxList questions
  • WFZ-208 Embedded Content Collection Organizer in staff and RISE site WebFormZ to allow upload of file
  • WFZ-209 Status Change "Export" selecting PDF Send via Email
  • WFZ-210 Regular form Read Contact - Username is not mapping

New Feature

  • WFZ-204 Custom Applicant column for submissions list summary page IQA
  • WFZ-206 Document Migration from iMIS DocumentMain to WebFormZ document area
  • WFZ-207 Submissions On Behalf Of logged in user's company