Current Version - 3508 (06/09/2017)

Package 1 will be available on request
Supports from 15.2.xx –

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Supports iMIS version below

Download Package 3
Supports iMIS version from -



Our future or current releases required 2 runtime dependencies (SQL, Crystal) you would need to copy those files based on OS version 64 or 32 bit

Please make sure to download


  • WFZ-178 TextField width is set to constant value in Editable MI Grid
  • WFZ-179 Multi Instance Question - text fields dialog box is small to add data
  • WFZ-180 Text Area shows small arrow on left side
  • WFZ-181 Date formatting set to short date showing full date.
  • WFZ-182 List Box Question Font is Bold and dialog box cut text off
  • WFZ-183 Calendar control value field size is small
  • WFZ-184 Numeric Question field is displaying a different Font with Bold
  • WFZ-185 Attachment error when using the Purge Submissions tool
  • WFZ-186 MI Total field box is not aligned in the column
  • WFZ-187 Arrow mark is not displaying in Drop down and List Box controls
  • WFZ-188 Sitemaps throws error while installing the WebFormZ