Current Version - 3502 (18/05/2017)

Package 1 will be available on request
Supports from 15.2.xx –

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Supports iMIS version below

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Supports iMIS version from -



Our future or current releases required 2 runtime dependencies (SQL, Crystal) you would need to copy those files based on OS version 64 or 32 bit

Please make sure to download


  • WebFormZ+ is finally here bringing great responsive design forms for mobile and tablet with it. Take a look at the video introduction to using responsive design in WebFormZ first and then let us know how you like the new features. We are now working on WebFormZ+ for iMIS 2017 GA and we hope to have this released for you sometime very soon.


  • WFZ-138 Concurrency issue in WebFormZ
  • WFZ-20 Question regarding Save and Delete buttons
  • WFZ-21 New form Enabled Responsive Question labels disappear
  • WFZ-37 When Submit Button Clicked
  • WFZ-39 WebFormZ Plus Anonymous has double header on RISE
  • WFZ-41 WebFormZ Anonymous Submit Button/Confirmation Page issue
  • WFZ-50 WebFormZ Plus IMIS20 Instance: Question type LIST Box with and without IQA
  • WFZ-51 WebFormZ Plus IMIS20 instance: WebFormZ does not allow Submission to Confirmation Page chucks Error
  • WFZ-60 Data Entry IMIS site: Caluclated field does not Multiply
  • WFZ-62 Data Entry IMIS WebFormZ Plus: The Cancel button provides error
  • WFZ-63 Data EntryIMIS WebFormZ Plus: Multi Instance does not display the values selected in List Box
  • WFZ-65 Data Entry IMIS WebFormZ Plus: Radio Button Set CSS setup but displays differently in Staff site
  • WFZ-67 Data Entry IMIS WebFormZ Plus: Save Button Does not work when clicked second time to save new changes
  • WFZ-68 Data Entry IMIS WebFormZ Plus: Email does not get sent with Files uploaded with Data Entry
  • WFZ-78 WebFormZ Plus IMIS: Calculates total only when page refreshes/save/submit clicked.
  • WFZ-79 WebFormZ Plus IMIS: Data Entry MI table does not display values
  • WFZ-115 WebFormZ Plus iMIS20: Cloned Form does not allow applicant to enter Card Number read only is shown
  • WFZ-116 WebFormZ Plus iMIS20: Cloned Form does hover over but duplicates the Tooltip
  • WFZ-134 WebFormZ Plus iMIS20: File Attachments cannot be made on Public Facing Member site compared to Staff site
  • WFZ-135 WebFormZ Plus iMIS20: Applicant cannot delete form on Member Site


  • WFZ-18 Style sheet formatting is lost from MI modal window
  • WFZ-19 MI modal window is too wide on smaller devices
  • WFZ-46 Button alignment in footer
  • WFZ-52 WebFormZ Plus iMIS20: Staff site submission CSS problems
  • WFZ-53 WebFormZ IMIS20 Instance: Text Area CSS Resizes when any text adding in
  • WFZ-73 Rad Wizard problem
  • WFZ-74 Tooltip CSS style conflicts
  • WFZ-84 RadUpload button
  • WFZ-108 RadForm label styles
  • WFZ-129 Further custom Rad Styles
  • WFZ-131 RadPicker and RadCalendar issues