Current Version - 3496 (17/03/2017)

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Our future or current releases required 2 runtime dependencies (SQL, Crystal) you would need to copy those files based on OS version 64 or 32 bit

Please make sure to download


  • On Behalf Of (OBO) – Public users would be able to Edit/Submit and view other applicants submissions based on IQA settings. To use this feature you need OBO WebFormZ License required


  • WFZ-25 Sometimes Multi Instance questions creates blank rows
  • WFZ-14 Dropdown loses previously entered values when postback
  • WFZ-13 Delete and save button is not working for some forms
  • WFZ-28 License module updated to use same key for multiple activations within webformz
  • WFZ-29 WebFormZ Template styles updated
  • WFZ-34 Mail merge not working confirmation URL

Performance improvement

  • Some error messages changed to warning to avoid performance issues