Team 2018

Russell Franks
Chief Executive Officer

iFINITY plc (formerly Fisher Technology) has been working with some of the world's leading associations and charities for many years. Under Russell's leadership, iFINITY supplies software including iMIS and WebFormZ not only in the UK and Europe but as far afield as Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. Russell travels extensively speaking at conferences and reviewing association best practice

Juliette Franks
Chief Financial Officer

Juliette worked for ten years as a practicing Solicitor in the field of professional negligence litigation before joining iFINITY to take responsibility for finance and HR functions.

Betty Amaah
Operations Director and Senior PM

Betty is our project management power house. Betty is based in London and manages most of our larger projects. Under Betty's diligent and professional control our projects come in on time and budget.

Tim Roberts
Senior Consultant

Tim Roberts has been working with iMIS for 20 years and is one of the leading iMIS experts worldwide.

Tim is our expert on the iMIS financial ledgers and finance systems integration

Roland Sadler
Senior Consultant

Roland started his work with iMIS at Everychild and is an expert with the iMIS db, Query and Reporting, Configuring automations and business processes.

Min Li
Senior Consultant

Min Li is a great consultant to have on your project. Min worked in London with iFINITY for a number of years and is now based in Beijing. Min is an expert in form workflow processes and form UI construction.

Anisha Phakey

Anisha works out of our London office and as well as being involved in mentoring, training, form building and form process integration work, Anisha also helps to run the iFINITY support system and support desk.

Rob McMullen
Support Consultant

Rob is also known as Mr Details and his research and thoroughness is legendary. Rob has been with the iFINITY team for almost 20 years and is the backbone of our ticket based support as well as the man to go to for SSL and Payment processing issues.

Alexa Hawley White
Web Systems Consultant

Alexa has recently joined the iFINITY team and is based in Toronto. Her eye for detail and graphic/CSS/HTML abilities are second to none and she is expert on RISE web site design and implementation and is likely to be on your team if we are building a member or public iMIS web site .

Alistair Wilford
Head of Software Development

Alistair has been working with programming for as long as he can remember. He designs blades or grass in his spare time and for iFINITY Alistair is responsible for WebFormZ, Payment Gateways, iPARTS and all our customer facing.

Thankaraj Jinosingh


We call him Jino and he is part of our web systems implementation team based in Chennai. Jino does a lot of work on RiSE web sites and content migration work.

Jayavel Prakasam
Senior Developer

Jayavel is well known to those who use WebFormZ and he is the senior product developer on our form process system.

JP as we call him has been working for many years with iFINITY and is a lead architect and developer on our new cloud products and on other iFINITY originated modules for iMIS.

Tony Mulcahy
Head of Infrustructure

Tony Mulcahy is an expert in Infrastructure as well as being a member of our software and programming team.

Tony runs our hosting and infrastructure and is an expert in denial of service, hacking, security, firewalls and many other mystical magical areas of IT

Vyshalli Kupussamy


Vyshalli works alongside Anisha and Min on form process projects as well as being in charge of product licensing for WebFormZ.

Mathusuthanan Rammasubu

Mathu as we call him works alongside JP in Chennai and is presently working on building the next generation of form process systems for iMIS. He is an expert in Angular and other modern software systems that will be the key to success going forward.