iMIS Enterprise

Having worked for many of the leading associations over the last 25 years its clear that many associations have requirements that are at an "Enterprise" level even though that may be smaller in size than one might typically use to define this. In order to serve these customers better, iFINITY have joined forces specifically to provide a joint service initiative aimed at the needs of more complex or larger associations who may have additional needs and requirements for integration, APPS, SSO, use of the ASI SOA/REST API and in other areas.

iFINITY have been working with ASI's iMIS product for many years and already act as a key deployment, hosting and development centre and now with this new initiative are able to double our consulting and training team and also add innovative and exciting new services that can really make a big difference to clients in terms of their own performance over time and which can help them to provide real measurable improvements in revenue, engagement and member satisfaction.

The ASI ILM (iMIS Learning Subscription) an "all you can eat" annual plan that covers all staff within a subscriber organisation provides regular training, video tutorials and also coaching so that existing association staff keep up to date and expand skills and new staff members get up to speed quickly, will be offered to current and new customers from June 2018.

The ASI Performance Assessment Program is an innovative way to ensure that the CRM/EMS is tuned to the needs of the organisation and the skills of staff over time and we are very pleased to now be able to offer this new and innovative service to both our existing iMIS customers and new customers too.

In addition to these ASI Products, iFINITY are a multi-vendor systems integrator and work very closely with Higher Logic, InformZ, TapFuse, Clowder, WBT and other partners to design and delivery complete end to end association solutions that have the iMIS 20-300 engagement system at the core.

As a key part of this new initiative Gordon Brewster who many of you will have met at conferences has joined iFINITY as Head of Sales and is now the main contact point for this initiative for both associations and for industry consultants who may be carrying out selection exercises.

ASI/iFINITY Enterprise Partnership